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this will never let me down

This will forever make me happy

I need a full version of this

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if you don’t believe that the world revolves around men getting what they want just remember that boys can ask a girl out 5000 times and send her 60 boquets of flowers and sing love anthems outside her door and post endless letters in her locker or smthn asking her to love him and that’s sooo cute and chivalrous but when my female friend sent a text to her ex saying she still loved him my male friend called her a desperate needy child

also, my roommate got into a huge fight with her uncle (age-wise, they could be siblings). They were cursing at each other for like 15 minutes. He called her things like cunt, whore, etc, then he called her “a fucking bitch” so she responds with “you’re a bitch” and he went dead silent and walked away because the worst thing a man can be called is a woman. She called him an asshole, a dickhead, and more, but “bitch” was the only one that hurt him.

Being called a woman is an insult. 

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